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B2B telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is an effective way of creating high quality Business to Business leads. Porcessing your B2B telemarketing by our telemarketing company offers significant support in the sales process. We take the most time consuming and complicated process out of your hands.

Do you want to reach your maket on a fast and efficient way?
You have a great product and want introduce it to your customers or prospects?

You wish to support your account managers or advisers and let them organise their time as efficiently as possible?

Then Telemarketing is an appropriate tool.
Organizing this internally takes time and staff and there is not always the ability to accomplish this on a professional manner.

Telepartners is the solution for you!


  • Quality appointments for your consultants
  • Confirming appointments by fax or e-mail
  • Booking of courses and events
  • Monitoring of your mails
  • Updating the database
  • Sending of mails
  • ...

Added value

Saving costs

How much does it cost in reality to let your your top salesman update your database?
What is the cost to let your top salesman book his own appointments?

Taking into account, the time he/she will need, the company car that stays inactive, and above all there will be no revenues realized.

Right person

Is your top salesman really the right person for this task?
Many top salespeople would rather be active in their field of action => at the customer site.
Does he has the patience to process all the negative calls?
Can he call the prospects at the agreed time or is he visiting a customer or prospect at that time? The result => restart all over again.

By outsourcing your tele-prospection you provide significant time savings for your sales team, who can now focus optimally on the revenue growth of your business.


Every man his own specialization?
Organizing everything internal requires a certain supervision, planning and organization.
Monitoring the contacts at the agreed time is often problematic because this is only one of the many tasks of the person concerned and it is not always feasible to follow up all the appointments at the appropriate time.

With telepartners, your prospection is carried out by trained tele-operators and are continuously guided by a skilled supervisor.


The image of your company is enhanced by a professional approach of the telemarketer and a qualitative telephone conversation with our partner - first and foremost, your customer or prospect.

Why choose for telepartners


Instead of working with inexperienced young people, telepartners only works with highly motivated and experienced staff who are used to communicate with directors/owners and managers.
We have years of experience in B2B telemarketing and we do our best to convert cold calls into high visiting appointments.


Consultation and knowledge of each other's company philosophy is very important to us. Tele Partners will do everything to make your communication message as correctly and professional as possible across.
No endless routine! We strongly believe that all of your and our partners deserve a personal approach.
We will do everything to make your services, image and appearance as accurately as possible across.


You can not think of anything or we can throw it in a contract!
Thanks to our clear and simple prices, it is easy to create your own customized package. No setup costs or complicated calculations!